Manage patient logistics across your Integrated Care System

Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) are central to the NHS Long Term Plan. Bringing buyers of NHS services together with providers to collectively redesign and meet the care needs of local populations.

SMART enables mental health and acute trusts, specialist and community care providers to deliver safe, quality services, irrespective of the amount of pressure on your local region.


  • Visibility of risk across your organisation

  • Reduce pressure on primary care services

  • Create a single point of information

  • Time-saving

  • Reduce burden on administrative support

System integration
Real-time visibility
Live reporting
Safe and secure

From the smallest detail to a whole system view, SMART includes features that support every team.

System integration

SMART assists in managing the system as well as assisting in monitoring pressure so appropriate action is taken at an early point.

Real-time visibility

No more spreadsheets or paper-based systems required. With SMART, healthcare teams have immediate access to critical information, including:

  • Mental health repatriation
  • Acute Trust repatriation
  • Directory of Trusts
  • Directory of your local Mental Health Trusts
  • In-built escalation process


SMART automates and streamlines data collection, dramatically reducing reporting time.

Digital access

SMART is online system that is accessible from PC, tablet and smartphone.


SMART will meet all necessary security requirements.

  • Data protected

  • IG Compliant

  • GDPR Compliant

All modules in one place

  • Acute site rep – data collection

  • Mental health site rep

  • Pan-London Surge Hubs, section 136 availability

  • Community and social care beds (coming soon)

  • Discharge module (coming soon)

“Local NHS organisations will increasingly focus on population health – moving to Integrated Care systems everywhere.”

The NHS Long Term Plan