Digital and Development

We develop digital platforms, products and services that enhance patient and staff experiences. Built to empower patients, reduce waiting times and automate administrative tasks, they unlock new value areas for your organisation.

Digital and Development services | NEL Design Solutions

Creative and Design

Impactful, effective design is the result of creative expertise and insight, and it resonates with audiences – staff, patients and the public. We help you design communications that inspire your audience to take action.

Communications and PR

Effective communications and public relations, aligned with vision and values, are cornerstones of any successful organisation. We advise, design and deliver everything comms and PR related, from media and stakeholder relations to corporate communications. We help you get the results you need.

Community involvement and engagement

Whether it’s behaviour change, engaging people to help shape their local health services, or creating social marketing campaigns, we’re here to work with you to co-design a holistic and scalable approach to public involvement. You’ll receive first-hand data that reflects your local priorities and our insight into how you can best address health inequalities and reach under-represented groups.

  • Insight from patient reference groups and user groups
  • Digital patient and public involvement
  • Effective digital and virtual communications and engagement skills training
  • Involving patients, carers and communities in procurement
  • Public consultations
  • Recruiting representative panels
  • Campaigns with community engagement and involvement
  • Co-ordinated additional engagement to seldom heard groups
  • Friends and family test qualitative design, collection and analysis

Marketing and Campaigns

Whether you’re looking to launch a new product or increase the take-up of your service, we develop solutions that deliver tangible results for even the most complex briefs.

  • Multi-channel campaigns
  • Content strategy
  • Campaign strategy
  • Social media advertising
  • Events and exhibitions
  • Email marketing
  • SEO and analytics
Marketing and Campaign services | NEL Design Solutions