Project Description

Help4Carers app

Empowering care-givers with accessible information

Help4Carers is a digital app developed to support carers, patients and their families with information, education and training. Enabling a better co-ordination of care.

A friendly interface, co-created with care-givers

In circumstances characterised by worry and concern, it was important that the app was reassuring, friendly and trustworthy in equal measure. We ran a focus group session with key stakeholders and care-givers across Kent and Medway to co-create the app — from content, to UX, to creative.

The result was a friendly, yet authoritative look and feel. Providing information in a way that was accessible, yet engaging.

Simple, actionable patient assessments

We built an assessment tool that operated on a traffic light system, asking a series of questions from the most severe to the least. Based on a care-giver’s answer to these questions, they would be given a recommended course of action. This tool now empowers carers across Kent and Medway to draw expert and substantiated conclusions about their patients’ current circumstances, without the need to escalate further.

Immediate access to critical information

The app holds both advice and guides for care-givers. Advice being long-form articles that carers can take the time to digest and learn. Guides being more actionable, of-the-moment support for situations like checking urine colour, or classifying the severity of a pressure sore.

A keyword search makes all of this content immediately accessible based on the circumstances of use.

Offering the tools to escalate issues

Where necessary, it may be the case that escalating care issues to a relevant support service is the best course of action.

The app hosts a directory of services which are categorised by location, and by condition. This means that a carer concerned about their patient’s mental state will be clearly signposted to a supporting service for mental health in their local area.

The app is available to download on the App Store and Play Store, and is helping carers to offer better-informed and less stressful care to their patients.

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