Project Description

Brand-driven storytelling

KSS AHSN works with partners in the NHS, academia and industry to design and deliver better healthcare and encourage its adoption both across the Kent, Surrey and Sussex region and nationally.

We have formed a close working relationship over the years, with KSS AHSN trusting our team to develop their distinct brand identity and design communications that inspire and engage audiences.

We felt photography too limited to show the breadth of innovation and impact of KSS AHSN’s work, plus we were sick of seeing stock photos of people smiling at laptops, tablets and mobile phones. Instead we developed an illustrative style, enabling us to describe their ambitions, work and impact in a way that’s unique to the brand – a storytelling approach that gives KSS AHSN a uniquely recognisable look and feel.


  • Brand management
  • Design of event and campaign materials
  • Web design and development
  • Editorial design
  • Video and animation