Safeguarding organisations and stakeholders

An effective way to manage your organisation’s conflicts of interest, including declarations, gifts and hospitality.

Disclose enables you to manage risk while improving efficiency, accuracy and reducing the administrative burden.


  • Visibility of risk across your organisation

  • Measurable efficiency

  • Supports NHS requirements

  • Reduces burden on administrative support

  • Time-saving

  • Simplifying the process

Support NHS requirements

NHS England and NHS Improvement CCG improvement require all CCGs to have arrangements in place to ensure they act with probity. Disclose is designed to support your submissions by providing an audit trail for approval and commentary.

It allows you to manage actual or perceived conflicts and archive records, supporting openness, transparency and governance. In meeting your organisation’s regulatory requirements, Disclose helps to mitigate risk, enforce good governance principles and reinforce your organisation’s values.

Simplifying the process for stakeholders 

Disclose guides employees thoughtfully through the disclosure process and sets clear expectations, while proactively engaging and educating employees about the conflict of interest policy.

Easily accessible from smartphone, PC or tablet.

Reduce administrative burden

Covering all of your stakeholders doesn’t have to create hours of additional work.

Disclose delivers the NHS England Conflict of Interest requirements in one easy system.

  • Real-time reporting and data exports
  • Instant e-mail verification and direct messaging
  • Customisable review dates and process
  • Customisable committees, groups and panels
  • Automatic reminders and escalation

Same-day deployment to your organisation

We deploy the software in one day so you and your team can get set up quickly. Disclose is a single solution.

Analytics, dashboards and reporting

Get better visibility of risk across your organisation.

Using spreadsheets, survey tools or paper-based forms may fail to uncover all existing potential conflicts.

Disclose provides you with the ability to track, manage and monitor conflict of interest disclosures on an on-going basis.

The central dashboard allows you to gauge the effectiveness by viewing progress and tracking completion rates in real time. But also the declaration of non-disclosure, in the case of unreported conflicts.

Automatic reminders and escalation

We eliminate manual follow-up and administrative burden.

Disclose drives completion with reminders leading up to, and after, the due date of disclosures.

The system automatically escalates high risk to relevant administrators.

“The public rightly expect the highest standards of behaviour in the NHS, and we take our responsibility as custodians of taxpayers’ money very seriously. Decisions involving the use of NHS funds should never be influenced by outside interests or expectations of private gain, but we recognise that conflicts of interest are unavoidable in complex systems.”

NHS England, 2017